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Get treatment for common health concerns at your convenience—no appointments, video calls, or live chat required.

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Walk-in & same-day visit

Start a visit quickly and discreetly, whenever works best for you.

Personalized treatment

Your clinician will review your symptoms and prescribe treatment.

US-licensed clinicians

We work with qualified doctors and nurse practitioners.

Your health data is secure

All of your information is protected by our practices and by law.

Prescription renewals

Answer some questions, get a treatment plan from a licensed clinician. Compare cheap & fast primary care

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Doctor visits made simple

Answer some questions, renew your prescriptions for common medications. No video visit or live chat required.

Get started anytime

We’ll ask about your current symptoms and basic health history.

Message with a clinician

A doctor or nurse practitioner will review and reach out with questions.

Get personalized treatment

Your clinician will prescribe treatment for you, including any medications.

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