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DoctorHere provides personalized health care programs across major chronic conditions



High Blood Pressure

High Cholesterol

Weight Loss

How It Works

Step 1

Receive At-home Blood Test

Easy, safe, and convenient. Experience at-home or at-work blood test.

getting at-home blood test

Step 2

Meet your dedicated doctor and health coach

Talk to your virtual care team, your doctor, and your health coach. Receive personalized coaching at your convenience.

virtual visit with doctor via laptop and mobile phone

Step 3

Unlimited messaging with doctor & health coach

Stay connected with unlimited chat with your doctor and health coach.

Chat with a health coach via doctorhere app

Step 4

Track, share, and see improvements

Log your health data and share it with your doctor and health coach. You can regularly review your progress.

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Is DoctorHere Right For Me?

"I want to take
proactive steps to improve my health."

"Sometimes, I feel overwhelmed managing my condition every day, and I can use some advice."

"I don’t feel confident in taking care of myself."

DoctorHere is ready to help you start your journey to better health

It Is More Effective Than Usual Health Care

Personalized virtual consultations
with doctor & health coach can result in :

Body Weight Loss

7.7% ↓

HbA1C Reduction

0.31% ↓

Blood Pressure Reduction

6mmHg ↓

Medical Cost Saving

$9,560 ↓

Frequently Asked Questions

DoctorHere Membership includes:

  • 3 at-home blood tests* 
  • 8 doctor visits, 8 health coach visits 
  • Unlimited chatting with doctors and health coaches via DoctorHere portal and DoctorHere App
  • Personalized care plans (health goals and action items)
  • Real-time health data management via DoctorHere App

* Blood tests will be only limited to the following; General Health Panel, Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP), Hemoglobin A1C, Lipid Panel, TSH (Thyroid-stimulating hormone) Test

DoctorHere Membership does not include : 

  • Medications (prescription and over-the-counter) and supplements
  • lab tests and other blood tests specified above

DoctorHere Membership is designed for people seeking care for specific chronic conditions.

Currently, we mainly support members with conditions listed below:

– Hypertension

– Hyperlipidemia

– Prediabetes

– Type 2 Diabetes

– Obesity

We are working on broadening our spectrum of care in the future to treat more types of chronic diseases.

Yes. Our program is entirely online which is safe and effective. DoctorHere doctor and health coach visits take place over video calls, and you can always reach our Care Team through unlimited messages via the chat function on the web and mobile app. That means you can access DoctorHere from your home, or anywhere else you happen to be. 

Our physicians will prescribe medications that may be right for you after your visit.

DoctorHere does not prescribe elective medications, certain anticonvulsants, narcotic pain relievers, or other drugs listed as controlled substances by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency or regulated under State law. 

Review the DEA Controlled Substances Schedule if you are interested in a particular prescription and are uncertain if it is listed as a controlled substance.

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