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How to deal with hunger when dieting: false hunger

Do you ever feel like you are always hungry? Well, It might be a false hunger, the enemy of diet.

Why Am I Always Hungry?

Losing weight is an issue for everyone these days. But it needs a lot of effort. To persist in losing weight, not only do you need to exercise regularly and keep a diet plan but you should know how to control yourself when you face false hunger.

What is False hunger?

Real hunger (physiological hunger) is a feeling of the natural phenomenon when food in your stomach is digested all the way. In contrast, false hunger is feeling hungry when your stomach is not empty. First, for example, When your body cells need some sugar, your brain sends some signals, and you think you are hungry. Second, when you are stressed out, your brain wants to excrete serotonin more. That also makes you hungry.

If you eat something when your stomach is not empty because of this false hunger, it means that you are overeating. The following descriptions are the ways to distinguish which one is the true hunger and which is not.

How to distinguish those two?

True Hunger – You get hungry slowly. Your abdomen makes noise and feels empty. Also, you’d like to have some meal but not a particular menu. After the meal, you will feel full and satisfied.

False Hunger – You might feel hungry within 3 hours of your last meal especially if you are stressed or tired. Also, you might want some specific food (especially something that has strong spices). You might not be satisfied even after you ate.

How to deal with the false hunger

You’d be craving something to eat even though you know it is not real hunger. How do we overcome this?

1. Drink water frequently

Sometimes, people mistake that it is hunger when they are actually thirst. So, when you feel hungry, drink a cup of water. If you are still hungry 30 minutes after you drink water, then have some snacks or meals.

2. Keep yourself busy

When people are continuously on static activities, they like to find something for snacking. It could be because they are bored. If you are doing those activities, try to take a break and stretch your body or keep yourself busy.

3. If you can’t resist

You know it is fake hunger. And you just are really stressed out. You can’t still resist your cravings. I got you there. I’d recommend you to have some almonds, tomatoes, or foods that don’t contain a lot of sugar instead. You can release your cravings and it wouldn’t raise your blood sugar level.

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