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Dedicated medical team to your long-term health

DoctorHere keeps members healthy and productive with personalized, preventative, primary care, mental health care, physical therapy, nutritional care, and care navigation.


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Membership benefits you’ll enjoy

Virtual Primary Care : Members can reach primary care doctors anytime via our Web, iOS, and Android App

In-Person Primary Care: In-person doctor visits at any of our medical offices

Lab work & testing : Lab tests, blood tests, health check-up, covid-19 services, STD tests and more

Mental Healthcare : depression, anxiety and stress, etc. 

Nutritional Care : nutrition care, diet, healthy eating habits

Physical therapy : posture correction, pain treatment

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Why members love DoctorHere

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Same/next day appointments

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Virtual primary care with video chat at no extra cost

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Membership for $99/yr, Most insurance accepted

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providers available in English and Korean


Meet Your Medical Team

If you need personalized primary care you have come to the right place. Our medical team knows personalized primary care like nobody else. The team is made up of primary care physicians, internal medicine physicians, hospitalist doctors, nutritionists, and nurses who are passionate about providing patient care that is personalized, non-judgmental, and patient-first.


Chief Medical Officer, PCP, Family Medicine

Broad Scope of Care

Our board-certified primary care physicians provide excellent care and treat a wide variety of symptoms and conditions as part of your DoctorHere Membership.

Membership costs only $99/year.

 Kind and supportive doctors who listen and care

What our members are saying

Everyone at DoctorHere has been so helpful. Thank you Dr. Lee for your expertise, support, patience, and always being available to answer my questions!

Darlyn F.

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