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Technology Meets Preventative Care

Discover the DoctorHere Difference: Our preventative, convenient, and technology-driven approach to healthcare puts your well-being first. With top-rated doctors and advanced AI, we're here to empower your journey to better health.

Yes, in-network coverage is here.

We accept insurance plans in New York with more on the way.

Smart Medical Clinic

Revolutionize your healthcare journey

Experience a healthcare revolution with DoctorHere's Smart Clinic, leveraging technology and preventative care for lifelong well-being.

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In-person & Virtual Visits

Caring for you, Anywhere you are

Experience seamless healthcare access from clinics to screens, empowering your health with cutting-edge technology and preventative care.

Continuous Care

Get the care you deserve

Healthcare should be more than a one-time appointment with a doctor. To ensure your well-being, our providers at DoctorHere Smart Clinics and AI DoctorHere, your virtual healthcare companion will offer guidance.

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Make your every day better,
starting today.

What our members are saying

“Everyone at DoctorHere has been so helpful. Thank you for your expertise, support, patience, and always being available to answer my questions!”

Darlyn F.

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"DoctorHere shines through its exceptional team, from doctors to medical staff, who infuse a warm human touch into the cutting-edge medical service."

Ready to jump in?

You can go beyond treatment with DoctorHere. Here are more ways to explore how we can help you heal.

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