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The new standard of care for women

1+1=3. Your Doctor, your nutritionist, and their synergy makes the perfect care

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Women's Health & Wellness Membership Plan

Only New York, DoctorHere clinic in Manhattan, All for $59/mo

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Get Personal Doctor & Nutritionist

Convenient In-person Office Visits available

Unlimited virtual visits & prescription

Advanced Lab Tests

Personalized health & nutrition care

English and Korean

What's membership included?

Your Doctor & Nutritionist help women's health and wellness

Women Centered, Get Your Personal Doctor & Nutritionist

The start of long-term women's health and wellness with your own Personal Doctor & Nutritionist via chat, call, video call

 Advanced Lab Tests

STD Screening, Cervical Cancer Screening, Urinary Tract Infection Liver and kidney, nutrition, cholesterol, thyroid and hormones, triglycerides, etc. 

Health Data Monitoring by Your Doctor & Nutritionist

Record health data including weight, blood pressure, blood glucose, meals and snacks, exercise, sleep, etc, for virtual monitoring by our Doctor & Nutritionist

Prescription Delivery

Medications delivered to your home, scheduled via the

Unlimited Doctor In-Person & Virtual Visit

Primary care and prescription (Women's health, internal medicine, pediatrics, dermatology, etc.), chronic disease care, lab referral, 2nd opinion via chat, call, video call

Health & Nutrition Checkup with Doctor & Nutritionist

Health checkup and nutritional evaluation with Doctor & Nutritionist based on advanced blood tests, questionnaires, and comprehensive exam

See doctor & nutritionist through PC, mobile, and tablet

Chat, call, and video calls with doctor & nutritionist wherever and whenever through PC, mobile and tablet

Cancel Anytime

Cancel Anytime

Unlimited Nutritionist In-Person & Virtual Visit

Nutrition and diet management, dietary habit improvement, nutritional care for chronic or other illnesses via chat, call, video call

Personalized Healthcare & Nutrition Program

Forming healthy habits and behavioral changes with personal doctor & nutritionist to create a healthier lifestyle

24/7 Messaging with Care Team

Questions answered by DoctorHere doctor, nutritionist, and care manager anytime, anywhere

What we treat

Your personal Doctor and Nutritionist assess and treat a wide variety of symptoms and conditions as part of your DoctorHere Membership.

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Meet with Doctor & Nutritionist Virtually and In-Person
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Our Doctor and Nutritionist

Dr. Hyunji Lee, Medical Doctor

Jongmin Lee, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
Hyunjung Shim, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Why membership?

Women's Health, without the headaches

Managing your health by yourself can feel overwhelming. DoctorHere takes the pressure off, providing medical care, support, and motivation that leads to lasting health. Real change is really possible when you have lifetime companions like us.


Can I use my insurance?


You may be able to get coverage for clinical fees, lab work, and prescriptions.


Many members get up to 70% of their membership fee reimbursed as out-of-network medical care.


You can use FSA/HSA dollars to pay for clinical fees, tests, and supplements.

 Book a free 15-minute call today.

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DoctorHere Partners and Investors

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