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Unlimited Virtual Doctor Visits and Onsite Health Checkups - Coupon Code: SCTAVIP

Finally, Primary care doctors who knows you well. We listen and care! Join the DoctorHere with "SCTAVIP" coupon code

Why SCTA VIP love DoctorHere

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Same/next day appointments

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Unlimited virtual doctor 

visits (3months free)

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Onsite health checkup for employee with insurance (No extra cost)

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Primary Care Doctors

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Membership benefits
Coupon Code : SCTAVIP

Get your personal primary care doctor for your health

Same day appointments available!

Unlimited virtual visits without billings and copays for 3months

Onsite health checkup for employee with insurance (No extra cost about onsite clinic)

Available in English and Korean

Unlimited virtual visits on DoctorHere Web, iOS, and Android App

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Broad Scope of Care

Our board-certified doctor and nutritionist provide excellent care and treat a wide variety of symptoms and conditions as part of your DoctorHere Membership.

How to use with SCTAVIP coupon code

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Meet Your Medical Team

If you need personalized primary care you have come to the right place. Our medical team knows personalized primary care like nobody else. The team is made up of primary care physicians, internal medicine physicians, hospitalist doctors, nutritionists, and nurses who are passionate about providing patient care that is personalized, non-judgmental, and patient-first.


PCP, Family Medicine

Trusted by

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Get Your Personal Primary Care Doctor

 Kind and supportive medical providers who listen and care

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Your Health Is Our Priority

We provide virtual and in-person primary care that is just right for you. As a DoctorHere member, you can receive unlimited care from your personal doctor, therapist, PT, and nutritionist anytime, and anywhere virtually or in person. These two methods of primary care are combined to provide the best care for you and your health.

What Our Members Are Saying

Everyone at DoctorHere has been so helpful. Thank you Dr. Lee for your expertise, support, patience, and always being available to answer my questions!

Darlyn F.

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Simple access to exceptional care

Easy same-day appointments in the app

Private, Secure, and HIPAA-Compliant

PC, laptop, tablet and mobile phone

24/7 on-demand care with Video Chat at no extra cost

Online access to your health summaries and care plans

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