Unlimited In-Person & Virtual Visits

With Doctor & Nutritionist

Black Friday Deal! All for $59/mo.

Get your personal doctor and nutritionist

Unlimited in-person and virtual visits

Advanced blood tests (No copay)

Personalized healthcare and monitoring

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Membership benefits you’ll enjoy

Get Your Personal Doctor & Nutritionist

Advanced Blood Tests (No-Copay) and Health & Nutrition Checkups

Unlimited Doctor In-person & Virtual Visits and Prescription

Personalized Medical & Nutrition Care Program

Unlimited Nutritionist In-person & Virtual Visits

Covers medication, food, nutrition, vitamin, stress, exercise, sleep, etc

Easy booking of same/ next-day appointments in the web & app

English and Korean

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Membership costs only $59/month

That's only $1.9 per day!

DoctorHere Clinic Location - NYC, Midtown


352 7th Ave Suite 601,

New York, NY 10001

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri

10:00 am–7:00 pm

Sat - Sun



+1 (212) 216-9580

The DoctorHere experience goes above and beyond your typical primary care practice
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Typical primary care

Typical nutritional care





/1-time visit


/1-time visit

Unlimited doctor visits and prescription

Unlimited nutritionist visits

Advanced blood tests(No copay)

Personalized care program

Health data monitoring

24/7 Messaging with care team

How does DoctorHere work?


Know your body

Discuss your goals and concerns with your doctor and nutritionist. They will conduct in-depth evaluations to identify the best approaches for your nutritional health.


Advanced blood tests

Liver, kidney, electrolytes, nutrition, vitamins, proteins, calcium, diabetes, HbA1c, RBC, WBC, cholesterol, thyroid, hormones, triglycerides, etc, that help identify your personal needs and risk factors


Design your care

Your care team designs the perfect care plan personalized for you based on advanced blood tests and in-depth nutrition evaluations by nutritionist and doctor


Stick to the plan

Follow your care plan and meet your doctor and nutritionist to make any adjustments as needed. Ask any questions you come across, and form healthy habits in the process.


Be happy :)

Continue to thrive with the support of our amazing care team!

We believe that you deserve

Meet your personal doctor & nutritionist

The start of long-term primary care and nutritional care with your own personal doctor and nutritionist via in-person & virtual visit

Advanced Blood Tests (No Copays)

Liver, kidney, electrolytes, nutrition, vitamins, proteins, calcium, diabetes, HbA1c, RBC, WBC, cholesterol, thyroid, hormones, triglycerides, etc, that help identify your personal needs and risk factors

Unlimited Doctor In-Person & Virtual Visit

Virtual primary care and prescription (internal medicine, pediatrics, dermatology, etc.), chronic care, lab referral, 2nd opinion via chat, call, video call

Unlimited Nutritionist In-Person & Virtual Visit

Nutrition and diet management, dietary habit improvement, nutritional care for your everyday concerns and other illnesses

Health & Nutrition Checkup

with Doctor & Nutritionist

Health checkup and nutritional evaluation with nutritionist and doctor based on advanced blood tests, in-depth questionnaires, and comprehensive exam

Health Data Monitoring

by Your Doctor & Nutritionist

Track your daily record for weight, meals, snacks, exercise, stress, sleep, blood pressure, blood glucose, and more for monitoring by doctor and nutritionist

Prescription Delivery

Medications delivered to your home, scheduled via DoctorHere.com

24/7 Messaging with Care Team

Questions answered by DoctorHere doctor, nutritionist, and care manager anytime, anywhere

1+1=3. Your doctor, your nutritionist, and their synergy make the perfect care!

Broad Scope of Care

Your personal doctor and nutritionist assess and treat a wide variety of symptoms and conditions as part of your DoctorHere membership.

Your care team who will empower you with their synergy
With your doctor and nutritionist, you'll get the perfect care you need with all the data you provide
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Your personal doctor gets to know you from the inside out - from your health history to your current symptoms - to help you achieve your health goals with medical care, prescription, exercise, sleep, and stress management.



Your nutritionist is dedicated to keeping you on track for achieving your health goals and easing the addition of healthy lifestyle changes through diet planning and nutrition and lifestyle coaching.

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Care Manager

Your care manager makes sure things run smoothly with scheduling, coordinating labs, and insurance or FSA/HSA questions.

Meet Our Medical Team

US Registered Dietitian Nutritionist