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Dec 15, 2022

Change in Membership and Pricing Notice

Easy, fast, and affordable primary care is coming soon

Dear DoctorHere member,

Thank you for being a valued member of DoctorHere.

We are happy to announce that DoctorHere will offer a lower membership price. The monthly plan will be changed from $59 to the yearly plan of $99 on January 1, 2023.

The new lower price will apply to your renewals and the Primary Care Plan will automatically start on January 1, 2023.

No further action is required. You may manage your DoctorHere membership anytime by contacting your care manager.

For additional questions, please call +1(212)216-9580 or email

Please enjoy the best primary care with DoctorHere.


Your DoctoreHere Team


Team DoctorHere continuously challenges to transform the healthcare industry, with patient focus at its forefront. We help patients take charge of their health to improve their quality of life. Our primary care services are convenient, accessible, and user-friendly.

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