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High-tech Primary care that talented employees love using it, anywhere any time. Insurance covered.

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Health Benefit is Too Important to
Ignore For Your Team and Business

With the right health benefit and modern primary care,
you can keep your employee healthy and CFO happy.

The all-in-one primary care that built around business

Virtual Primary Care

Employees can reach
providers anytime via our app

COVID-19 Services

On-site & offline COVID-19
screening, testing,
vaccinations and primary care

On Site Clinics Pop-up

Covid-19 testing, health
check-up, primary care, etc.
brought right to your office

Same Day, Offline
In-person Primary Care
at Physical Clinic

In-person care team visits
at our medical office

Virtual Follow-Up Care
by Healthcare Coach

Health check, diet coach,
medication guidance, medical
concierge, insurance
consultation, etc.

Advance Health Checkup
& Personalized Care Plan

Body scanning, blood & urine test
men/women’s health, STD, etc. and
providing long-term care plan

Healthcare made easy and simple for you and your team

Your talented employees and CFO will love using this

One-stop Primary care

For Employers


Average claim savings
per member(3)


Fewer ER visits(3)


Employer Savings(5)

For Employees


Rated us one of their most
valuable benefits(2)


Enterprise Renewal Rate(6)


Net Promoter Score(1)

Smarter Health Benefit, Better Outcomes

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(1) Stepanek, Martin MA; Jahanshahi, Kaveh PhD; Millard, Francois FSA Individual, Workplace, and Combined Effects Modeling of Employee Productivity Loss, Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine: June 2019 - Volume 61 - Issue 6 - p 469-478 doi: 10.1097/JOM.0000000000001573
(2) CareFirst PCMH Ranking of Overall Performance Report, 2018
(3) 8% savings per client case study and 45% total and 33% ER savings published in JAMA Network Open Publication in 2020.
(4) DoctorHere Member Satisfaction Survey 2020-2021
(5) those metrics related to primary care. 3. For the 12 months ended December 31, 2020. Enterprise renewal rate based on contract value.