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Why DoctorHere

Your Personal Doctor

Nutrition Counseling

Care Team

How we are different


Traditional Virtual Care

Same doctor everytime

Yes, your personal doctor who knows you well

No, You’ll see different doctors who doesn’t know you

Unlimited visits
Call, text, and video chat

Yes, see your doctor and ask anything as often as you want

No, you need to pay fee-for-service or extra fee in order to receive additional

Personalized Care Plan

Yes, a customized care plan based on your consultation

No, the doctor prescribes you medication for short-term treatment.


Yes, follow-up care led by your personal doctors to make sure you get the right care at the right time.

No, patients need to initiate their own follow-up visit.

Care team

Yes, our care team is always here to support

No, you don’t get support

Nutritional Counseling



Care Support

Support non-medical questions about your care and benefits

Finding highly rated in network doctors

Finding cost effective Rx/pharmacy options

Getting help with medical bills (coming soon)

No, patients need to initiate their own follow-up visit.

Personalized Healthcare Experience

Have your own medical team to support your health

How it works

Step 1

Comprehensive First Visit

Step 2

Personalized Care Plan

Step 3

Follow-up Care

Step 4

Care Support

Personalized Healthcare Experience