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Dedicated Medical Team for Your Employee Health

Onsite smart medical clinic, personalized care, in-person & virtual

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DoctorHere benefits you’ll enjoy
  • Team-based collaborative care

    • ​Primary care physician, nutritionist/dietitian, mental health counselor, and physical therapist

  • AI & Data-driven personalized care

    • Medical history, lifestyle, vitals, blood test results, and more

  • Easy-to-access hybrid care

    • ​In-person visit at doctorHere medical clinic (New York)

    • Virtual​ visit via doctorHere web/app (chat, call, and video call) 

  • Workplace Onsite Clinic and Pop-Ups​

    • Dedicated medical team conveniently brought right to your office

  • Lab Work & Testing

    • Lab tests, blood tests, health check-ups, covid-19 services, STD tests, and more

  • Insurance Navigation

    • Quick answer to benefits and insurance questions

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Why members love DoctorHere
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Same/next day appointments
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Team-based collaborative care
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Data-driven personalized care
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Easy-to-access hybrid care 


"Works with your current coverage"

As a medical provider, DoctorHere is a simple add-on to your current health insurance.

"Expert care where you are"

DoctorHere’s workplace pop-ups and on-site clinics save time for your busy workforce and provide a personalized and attentive healthcare experience.

"Convenient virtual care"

Our user-friendly web and app platform makes accessing these services easy and convenient, putting the power of exceptional healthcare directly in the hands of your team and helps your company to reduce costly insurance claims.

"Insurance support for employees"

DoctorHere manages claims, billing, and referrals, saving hours of people operations each week.

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Broad scope of care

DoctorHere care team provides excellent care and treats various symptoms and conditions.

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