Lower your A1C
through behavior changes

Take control of your health with data tools and guidance from your dedicated care team. DoctorHere focuses on lowering your A1C, blood sugar, and body weight for long-term health.

smiling middle-aged woman
smiling middle-aged woman

What you get from
DoctorHere Diabetes Program

Personalized weight loss

and nutrition coaching

In-depth analysis of diabetes progression based on blood testings

Remote monitoring

of weight and blood glucose

Recurring doctor & health coach

virtual visits

Actionable stress and sleep health plan

Prescription refills if needed

How DoctorHere works

Tell us your health goals

Set your quarterly health goal based on your health data analysis (e.g. blood pressure, blood sugar, weight, HbA1C, cholesterol, etc.)

Devise a treatment plan with your care team

Work together with your care team to design a personalized chronic condition treatment plan that is achievable for you

Meet with your care team recurringly

Doctors, health coaches, and care managers will monitor and manage your health closely through telemedicine appointments

Review and improve

Your care team will review your health data every cycle (3 months) to see your progress and optimize your care plan for the next cycle.

See the outstanding results
within a year

Personalized virtual consultations
with a doctor & a health coach result in :

HbA1C Reduction

0.31% ↓

Blood Pressure Reduction

6mmHg ↓

Medical Cost Saving

$9,560 ↓

Body Weight Loss

7.7% ↓

Graph showing lowering A1C level through telemedicine

This is the care that I needed.
All medical staffs are highly engaging and attentive.

Jay L.
Diabetes patient

How DoctorHere is different

Venn diagram

Constant Human Touch

To ensure a lasting behavior change, our programs encourage both patients’ and providers’ engagement. Rather than relying on online resources or automatic chat-bot responses, our health coaches will personally check up on your progress on a bi-weekly basis.

DATA-Driven Personalized Care

Your care team will help you set a health goal by analyzing your health data, blood test results, and behavior pattern data. We focus on optimizing your daily action items and treatment plan to help you achieve your goals.

Continuous Remote Care

A team of doctor, health coach and care manager will closely monitor your vitals through online patient portals. Also, the patients can stay connected with their providers via video calls and unlimited messaging at any time.

A modern approach to
chronic care

Telehealth is the new game-changer
for treating chronic conditions

“Validations are piling up on the efficacy of digital health tools to combat chronic disease”

Compared to conventional care, telemedicine is more effective in improving treatment outcomes for diabetes patients, especially for those with type 2 diabetes.

“Patients with diabetes, CKD respond well to Telehealth counseling, nutrition app”

Telemedicine can revolutionize the treatment of chronic disease


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DoctorHere provides personalized care programs across major chronic conditions

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